New training concepts are needed. Industry, its staff and trainees are facing new challenges: jobs are shifting due to digitalisation.

Tasks are getting more complex and safety precautions change. The necessary training and further trainings include practical procedures in facilities that cost up to millions of euros.

ZFor the most part, those trainings can be held in VR training applications to reduce cost. Together with BASF, Bayer, Evonik and the German Chemical Industry Employers’ Association we already took the first step and proved the positive effects of virtual training simulations. With our partners Cornelsen eCademy and Currenta we are working on Blended Learning concepts, in which VR helps to interlock all relevant content.

This ensures a holistic Blended Learning concept in the team. It allows for simple transfer from theory to practise. Using Virtual Reality instead of expensive conventional measures can reduce the risk of injuries.

Learning can be fun! Through immersion and gamification-elements we are able to achieve an increased amount of motivation in VR and to maximize learning success.

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