Home dialysis, a dialysis treatment done by the patient himself, means independence. But home dialysis also means potential life-threatening intricacies if the patient is not prepared well enough. Therefore, a thorough training is indispensable. But training the patients via medical staff ties up a lot of resources.

In cooperation with medical experts, we developed a VR software that supplements the traditional training of a dialysis. The user immediately witnesses the experience of a home dialysis and its important steps. While practising, users are allowed to make mistakes and are guided via visual, haptic and acoustic feedback.

Compared to conventional training videos our VR trainings show improved learning results – up to 50% according to recent studies. Patients learn from their mistakes in a playful manner without exposing themselves to danger. Our VR software helps to reduce tying up resources such as medical staff and hospital equipment.

  • Patient Heimdialyse Schulung, älterer Herr trägt VR Headset und testet die Dialyse Anwendung der Weltenmacher