Our digital tutor for personalised learning – Weltenmacher Tutor

WM Tutor provides a personalised learning experience in VR. Our software is designed to implement autonomous learning experiences in standardized training lessons.

The modular build allows us to easily extend training lessons with regards to content as well as technical features. This way we are able to boost skill sets individually.

Our technologies specifically built for learning scenarios are the foundation of every module that is implemented in Virtual Reality. We ensure learning achievements: learning in virtual worlds, unharmed, sustainable, motivating, assisted, and personalised.

We provide successful learning experiences by combining our technologies with conventional educational procedures.


learning in a safe environment


feedback about learning progress


individual didactics-concepts


inclusive UI und UX design


What is so special about our WM Tutor?

Our WM Tutor removes the need for standard teacher-student face to face lessons. Our software allows for a personalised learning experience for every individual user while teaching step by step.

The application is able to adapt learning content to its different users. Learning success is ensured by our system adapting to the students – not the other way around. Repeated learning with our system supplies more information about skills that are already secured and skills that need improvement. Through repeated learning sessions with our software, we are able to identify strengths and weaknesses.

The WM Tutor brings certainty to learning process. It detects mistakes immediately and corrects them. However, our Tutor does not follow a blue-print solution, because often there is more than just one solution. Instead of memorising a blue-print solution, we are offering trainees to find a way to solve a problem unrestrictedly.

Users get immediate feedback and helpful advice while learning. Studies show that increased interactivity brings better learning success and keeps the motivation high. Our Tutor motivates students to the best of their abilities.

VR Equipment für Heimdialyse Training Schulung


What we have learned from the best

A first-class tutor..

  • …motivates.
  • …recognizes students’ strengths & weaknesses and adapts learning content accordingly.
  • …is an expert in his field.
  • …knows, how to communicate content in a comprehensive way.
  • …knows students’ individual needs.
WM Tutor Heimdialyse Blended Learning elearning

Our intelligent virtual tutor tries to emulate those exact competences. Our goal is to improve education through personalised learning using artificial intelligence and rule-based analysis in Virtual Reality.

The virtual tutor is depicted as a friendly avatar, who guides users through the training step by step in their individual tempo using various tools and detailed explanations.

Use Cases

We develop VR based learning applications. We create virtual simulations for education and further trainings with practical orientation. We are combining Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence for the best result possible.

It allows us to help patients learn the steps of a home dialysis in a safe way similar to a flight simulator. In addition, our system can be used in construction and chemical companies in order to improve trainings, learning results and cost-effectiveness.

Dialysis Training

for patients and medical staff


Being able to perform a haemodialysis in your own home means both an incredible amount of freedom and an increased risk of life-threatening complications. The VR simulations guides the patients to every step of performing a dialysis in a safe and realistic environment.

Chemist Training

for trainees


Basic as well as advanced trainings of employees in the chemical field include practical procedures in facilities that cost up to millions of euros. For the most part these trainings could be taught in VR applications instead. Learning benefits in VR have been proven by various recent studies. Besides theoretical learning, users are able to exercise practical procedures.


for construction site safety trainings


Traditional construction site safety trainings include long PowerPoint presentations and theoretical lectures that can be difficult, if not impossible, for foreign workers to understand.
We developed a practical training simulation that avoids verbal communications completely. This way, users can learn safety precautions without language barriers in a realistic setting.

Titanium Space

for exhibitions


A broken heating unit in a spaceship needs to be replaced – quickly – to ensure the crew’s survival. This multiplayer-simulation shows that learning under time pressure and with competitive gameplay helps to increase motivation.

Custom Simulations

Our VR trainings enable:

  • up to 45% less errors in practical use
  • 50% more confidence in performance
  • increase in learning motivation

All of our simulations are custom made and adjusted optimally to educational content.

No learning simulation is like the other.

We will gladly find an individual solution for your very own use case as well.