We want to improve education, and we want to make an impact:

education is one of the main pillars of our society – whether it’s for kids or for grown-ups. XR-technology is a gift to bring learning to a whole new level and to even democratize learning in the long run.

Of course we started small, and even after more than 5 years in creating immersive and interactive learning content, there’s still so much more to come! Yes, we too, still learn a lot – with every single project and application. But we’re happy to provide different learners in very different fields with new learning content that comes with both: a great learning success and a lot of fun!

Only those who try can truly understand.

To aim for a goal, a vision is important. But there is also potential offside the road: chewing gum, microwave, pacemakers, teabags – invented by coincidence.
We do not think that good ideas happen by accident. Instead, it is people who recognize those great ideas.
Only one who tries, gathers experience and is willing to take a risk will learn something new. That is why we think creatively!
Our team consists of experts in didactics, visual design, interactive storytelling, programming as well as game and UX-design.
Our digital laboratories are workspaces of the future. We develop “Educational Games” that inspire and challenge the user. We think creatively. To make education better.