We are Weltenmacher


Sometimes it’s the focused, goal-oriented work. Sometimes it is also coincidences. But it is always the people with the open mind who recognize good ideas, take them up and spin them further.

Our team consists of experts in:

  • didactics
  • spatial and plastic design
  • interactive storytelling
  • programming
  • game and UX design.

Only those who try things out, risk mistakes and gain experience learn. And so, since 2017, we have already risked some mistakes and gained a lot of experiences that make our team what we are today. We are innovators and creatives. We are engineers who tell stories.


You think Weltenmacher and you are a good match? Please reach out and let us know, what drives you. Let’s investigate, if we got a suitable position for you – chances are high we will have at least an inspiring chat! What we are currently searching is: