Products made by Weltenmacher

Weltenmacher products follow a simple guideline: Learn fast in an exciting environment. Since 2017 we are dedicated to our mission to help students, workers, patients to efficiently master the challenges their paths have in stock for them. Please find below a portfolio of our applications in education, industry and health care.

Weltenmacher Dialysis Orientation VR Training Logo, kidney with arrows pointing in different directions. light blue background

Dialysis Orientation

Learn what the different kidney therapies and how it feels to live with them

Weltenmacher CAPD VR Training Logo, CAPD Solution bag on light brue ground


Learn how to conduct a peritoneal dyalisis at home

Weltenmacher APD Cycler VR Training Logo, Kidney with arrow circling around it, lightblue background

APD Cycler

Learn how to you use the APD Cycler

Weltenmacher TAVI Logo, Heart on blue ground


Help patients to recover faster from their TAVI operation.

First Aid Scenario

Refresh your first aid skills.

Weltenmacher Chemikant VR Logo, bubbling flask on yellow ground

Chemical Worker VR

Learn how to handle industry sized machines safely and correctly