Train Your Dialysis Patients & Staff More Efficiently

APD Cycler is a VR  training that will teach you how to use your Baxter Cycler PD machine correctly in a safe environment at your own pace. 

In multiple chapters you will learn to use the machine step by step while the WM Tutor guides you through it. After each chapter you can repeat it as often as you like, with or without help.

Our goal with the Cycler VR training is to help patients to train the process without any risk and at their own pace.

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Step-by-step explanation

The training for the APD Cycler guides your through different chapters, each dedicated to a different step of the process of working with the cycler. Videos of the instructions will be shown to you step by step so you can truly internalize the steps of the Cycler dialysis, before doing it yourself inside the virtual world. Here your can try as often as you like until you are confident enough to perfomr the steps in the real world.

Learning success based on didactic concept

Each chapter of the training is divided into three parts.

  1. The patients get an explanation about what they need to do
  2. They can try it without an explanation, but with hints
  3. They will do it without any hints

This concept is proven to be very successful for the learning process.

And lastly, teachers have the possibility to follow their students’ training, by streaming the training to any screen, including a handy tablet.

Technical Details

Generally, our trainings run on any contemporary hardware. We are happy to discuss and help you with your individual setup. For your convenience we here list some specifications.

Game Modes
Single User
Supported Player Modes
Standing, Roomscale
Supported Devices Rift, Rift S, Quest, Quest 2, PC VR, Pico 2, Pico 3
Genres Education
German, English
First Release Date 27. November 2021
Space Required
Recommended Processor
Intel i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater
Recommended Graphics Card NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater
Recommended RAM 4,00 GB

Up to 45% fewer errors in practice after training in virtual reality.

Zgoura et al, 2018 in cooperation with Weltenmacher

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       Patients and Health Care Professionals

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