We are Weltenmacher. And we strive to make education better by combining VR and AI. We develop VR based educational applications that are used to support trainees, but also skilled employees as well as patients with motivating and safe learning.

Our WM TUTOR is an AI for holistic trainings in Virtual Reality. This intelligent virtual trainer adapts speed and content for each individual user. Thus, alongside our gamified content, gives us the ability to provide a holistic, personalised learning experience.

“In ev’ry job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game.”

Mary Poppins

We are Weltenmacher. How talent is trained.


learning success through holistic trainings

Blended Learning allows for a new way of education. Users learn in a realistic environment, while testing their skills in playful situations.

VR based educational software blends into traditional educational techniques and is perfectly applicable for Blended Learning approaches.


Weltenmacher TUTOR

Our digital VR tutor autonomously teaches in a virtual environment, close to reality, but non-hazardous and keeps the user motivated. The WM Tutor adapts speed and content to each individual user. This way the trainees are able to receive personal feedback even in the virtual world.


digital learning analytics with feedback

Our digital learning analysis allows trainer and trainee to overview learning progress. This way, capabilities are shown to plan the most suiting learning structures.

Moreover teachers, trainers and instructors are now capable of improving the trainees‘ performance together.

Virtual Reality Equipment für Heimdialyse Training

„Up to 45% reduction of errors in practical usage after training in Virtual Reality. “

Zgoura et al., 2018 in cooperation with Weltenmacher

„Both, number of errors and required time [..] were significantly less, when trained in VR.“

Ian MacGillivray, Software Engineer, Google

„Trainees seem to be more motivated when using Virtual Reality.“

Zgoura et al., 2018 in cooperation with Weltenmacher

„Users feel twice as secure in application after training in VR.“

Zgoura et al., 2018 in cooperation with Weltenmacher

Our partners and clients:

In cooperation with our partners we are developing a variety of projects for our clients.


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