We are Weltenmacher. And we strive to make education better by combining VR and AI. We develop VR based educational applications that are used to support trainees, but also skilled employees as well as patients with motivating and safe learning.

Our WM TUTOR is an AI for holistic trainings in Virtual Reality. This intelligent virtual trainer adapts speed and content for each individual user. Thus, alongside our gamified content, gives us the ability to provide a holistic, personalised learning experience.

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Our CAPD training is the perfect exercise for dialysis patients. Before they actually perform dialysis, patients can practice here in the virtual world as many times as they want and completely without risk!

In seven chapters, patients are guided through the process and learn which actions are necessary. Of course, hygiene is not neglected either. The training also addresses new staff-members to get everybody to the highest standards as fast as possible.

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APD Cycler VR Training Logo

Dialysis: APD Cycler

Our immersive training to teach dialysis patients in VR how to use a cycler

Dialysis Orientation VR education Logo

Dialysis Orientation

In this application, patients get a neutral overview of the three possible treatments for kidney failure.

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